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Specialists of JSC "NIIST" were included in three working groups of Rostechnadzor on the development of regulatory legal acts in the field of industrial safety and regulatory regulation in the field of state control.
JSC "NIIST" has completed the work on the assessment of the potential market for shut-off valves made of polymer composite materials.
As part of the development program of the Institute, JSC "NIIST" purchased new equipment for the test center. After the completion of the commissioning works, the Laboratory of Thermal Insulation and Heat Engineering Calculations of JSC NIIST will have the most advanced and modern laboratory for thermal insulation in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Researchers at our institute have completed a study to assess the competitiveness of swellable packer systems in the industrial segments of the oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation.

JSP "R&DIPC" employees took part in the V International Astrakhan Oil and Gas Technical Forum 2019, organized by BT SWAP LLC from September 4 to 7, 2019.

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Assistant Thermal insulation


Assistant Thermal insulation - a software product for the selection of the optimal thermal insulation design for equipment, pipelines for various purposes and building envelopes.


The demo version of the program is available at the following link: Download



Thermal Insulation Parameter Calculation Program - Thermal Insulation Assistant. Version "Engineer Friend" (ATI.ID). When you need to calculate the parameters of heat-insulating materials in everyday life, but you do not have special knowledge in the field of heat engineering, materials science, etc., you turn to your fellow engineers. Program ATI.ID. It is designed specifically so that you can easily turn for help in calculating it, as if you were turning to your own friend.

The program serves as your assistant in thermal insulation issues at the level of another heating designer.

Version "Engineer Friend" - allows you to:

- To calculate the thickness of thermal insulation for domestic needs, HVAC and HWS systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and heat water supply). The temperature range for household systems is limited from -40 to +110 ºC.

- Calculate the thickness of thermal insulation according to 2 conditions and 3 criteria:

According to the condition of ensuring human security according to the criteria

- burn protection (for energy temperatures above +200ºC)

- protection against condensation from air on the surface of the pipeline.

According to the condition of economic feasibility of the thickness of thermal insulation:

- according to the criterion of the level of heat losses normalized in the Russian Federation for equipment and pipelines in accordance with the selected standard.


If you find a mistake or have any suggestions for improving or expanding the functionality of the program, please inform us. For all questions, please contact info@niist.ru