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Specialists of JSC "NIIST" were included in three working groups of Rostechnadzor on the development of regulatory legal acts in the field of industrial safety and regulatory regulation in the field of state control.
JSC "NIIST" has completed the work on the assessment of the potential market for shut-off valves made of polymer composite materials.
As part of the development program of the Institute, JSC "NIIST" purchased new equipment for the test center. After the completion of the commissioning works, the Laboratory of Thermal Insulation and Heat Engineering Calculations of JSC NIIST will have the most advanced and modern laboratory for thermal insulation in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Researchers at our institute have completed a study to assess the competitiveness of swellable packer systems in the industrial segments of the oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation.

JSP "R&DIPC" employees took part in the V International Astrakhan Oil and Gas Technical Forum 2019, organized by BT SWAP LLC from September 4 to 7, 2019.

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Scientific background

The employees of our institute are engaged in active scientific work in their economic activities. The results of this work become scientific groundwork on various topics.

This section presents scientific developments that we consider promising, but for which, to our deepest regret, the work is currently being carried out in a passive mode. However, the problems and tasks that we are considering will certainly be solved and implemented in the future through the institute's own forces or with the involvement of third-party investments.


Scientific background of JSP "R&DIPC"


- Active thermal stabilization of permafrost soils at cluster sites.

The expected effect of the introduction of the technology is a 40% reduction in the time and cost of constructing cluster sites with complex permafrost soils.


- Production of thermal insulation material based on aerogel.

Aerogel-based thermal insulation is the most promising in the world. NPV is valued at more than $ 40 million.

- Development of a device for measuring the coefficient of thermal conductivity of tubular thermal insulation.

Modern known installations for measuring the equivalent coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal insulation materials have significant drawbacks. The creation of the installation will increase the reliability of the thermal conductivity by at least 20%.


- Compression and decompression of thermal insulation materials based on mineral wool.

One of the main problems of thermal insulation materials is the high cost of transportation to the construction site. The first manufacturer of mineral wool thermal insulation materials, which can reduce the cost of logistics by at least 2 times, will receive a huge technological advantage over competitors.


- Paraffin formation and heating of transported oil.

Elimination of the need for mechanical cleaning from paraffin.

- Extrusion head with variable cross-section.

For some enterprises, the ability to control the extrusion value several times with respect to the initial one will reduce production costs by 15%.